SPORF Sport Go-Karting – An Enthusiast’s View

Go-Karting – An Enthusiast’s View

Go-Karting - An Enthusiast's View

Are you ready to discover a thrilling recreational activity?  Racing or off-road go-karts could be the ultimate in excitement!  So let’s learn more about go-karting – an enthusiast’s view…

The thrill of skidding sharply around a blind corner in your go-kart is an experience that is hard to surpass. Racing down the track in a speedy go-kart, manoeuvring around curves and other karts is fun at its best.  At every level, anyone can experience the fun and heart-pounding excitement of go-karting.

The smell of the dirt track and the distinct aroma of the petrol and oil burning in the go-kart engine is enough to excite any enthusiast, even watching from the stands.  If you have ever seen an Indy Car or Formula One race you know how exciting racing can be.

Climbing into a go-kart for the first time, the anticipation is almost unbearable.  You familiarise yourself with the kart and listen to the safety brief.  Once on the track, you squeeze down on the accelerator and feeling an immediate thrust forward, your adrenaline level rises further.  What a thrill!

Go-karts are geared toward beginners in either off-road or paved-track racing.   Beginner go-karts are easy to drive and control and can often be found at a local funfair or theme park.  If you do lose control there are usually no serious consequences to deal with afterwards, provided the necessary safety precautions have been followed.  Higher-performance go-karts can reach speeds up to 90mph for experienced racers to enjoy.

If you get addicted to go-karting there is no limit as to what you can do.   You can purchase a brand-new go-kart ready for racing, or you can buy inexpensive kits and build your own go-kart.  Installing rack-and-pinion steering to changing a set of tyres will become easy over time.  Perhaps fit a brand-new engine to improve the performance of your kart.  Maybe you will be after a new frame that will be the envy of your friends.  You may want to get into electric go-karts instead of petrol-powered karts.  The world is becoming more eco-aware these days so that would be a good idea.

If you have ever thought about getting involved with go-karts, it’s never too late.  Go out and experience the thrill of go-karting now.  It could bring out your inner Lewis Hamilton!

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