British Pedal Car Grand Prix 2022

The British Pedal Car Grand Prix returned for the first time since 2018, previously cancelled due to the pandemic and this normally bi-annual event was […]

When is a Sport not a Sport?

Here at SPORF we love to promote little known sports and other similar activities.  But how does an activity qualify as a sport?  Trying to […]

Maintain Your Mental Fitness

We all know about the benefits of staying physically fit.  However, the need of having a strong level of mental fitness is often overlooked and […]

My Fitness Future

As a blogger, there are many upsides I enjoy in the role.  The freedom to manage my own life and not being dictated to by […]

Strength Training For Climbers

In climbing, there is a common belief that “climbing is the best training for climbing,” something used by some to make excuses for not training […]