SPORF Leisure Why Playing Retro Video Games Is So Much Fun

Why Playing Retro Video Games Is So Much Fun

Why Playing Retro Video Games Is So Much Fun

As someone whose teenage years coincided with the birth of video games, I always feel nostalgic when I see a retro-style game. I love their simplicity and quirkiness and I also love the fact I can dip in and out of them at any time.  I don’t have to spend many hours learning lots of intricate rules and strategies only to find I’m too slow or lack the necessary skills to compete.  These are just some of the reasons why playing retro video games is so much fun.

Apart from enjoying the gameplay of retro-style games, I feel they help maintain my motor skills and mental sharpness.  This gives me a great excuse to play longer!

I’m always on the lookout for new games online to keep my interest levels high.  It’s sometimes surprising where you can find these games.  If you’re looking for a particular genre of video games you will often find some on a website that covers that topic.  For example, if you like playing maths games you may find some on money-related sites.

My latest discovery was on a culinary school’s website and as you might guess, the titles in their games section are mainly based on food and agriculture.

Although they are predominantly aimed at young kids many are challenging, no matter what your age.  As many of us have experienced, young children are pretty savvy when it comes to playing video games.  They can often easily beat their parents so don’t think you’ll find them all easy.  Believe me, they’re not!  Anyway, I thought I’d share a couple I’ve been playing for you to try out.

We’ll start off gently with Farm Animals Kids Learning Memory Game which is based on the classic card game of finding face-down pairs and is best for young kids but the hardest level offers a good challenge for any age group.  Ideal, if you’d like to test your powers of memory and concentration.

Why Playing Retro Video Games Is So Much Fun

In this version, you simply click on a card to reveal a farmyard animal and then click on another to try and find a pair.  You also get audio confirmation of what each animal is which helps with the memory process.  You have to find up to 12 pairs depending on which difficulty level you’re playing which are comprised of 13 different farm animals.

There are three difficulty levels, easy, normal and hard.  You have unlimited attempts to complete the game and there is no timer.

I find it provides a nice little mental workout to warm you up before moving on to something more challenging.

The Burger Now lunch counter game is certainly a lot more challenging.  Situated in a fast food restaurant the server has to stack sandwich ingredients along with any sides and then promptly serve them to their hungry customers.

Unfortunately, the customers are a little impatient and if you take too long you will lose their order.  Their faces change from happy to sad to angry as the timer counts down.  For each successfully completed order, you will receive payment.

Why Playing Retro Video Games Is So Much Fun

To make an order you just drag the ingredients to the tray and once completed you drag again to the relevant customer.  Drinks and sides are dragged directly to the customer.  If you make a mistake you can put it in the bin and start again but you won’t have time for too many errors if you want to move on to the next level.

Speed and accuracy are vital as well as recognising which order you need to focus on next to prevent any timers from expiring and unhappy customers leaving.  You get just 60 seconds on each level to fulfil enough orders to move on to the next.

It sounds simple enough but when you have several orders waiting for you to complete it can get a bit frenzied in the kitchen.

If you’re looking for some new video games to play or have never tried them before, give these two a go.  There are loads more on this site so you’re bound to find something you really enjoy and don’t be surprised if you end up feeling hungry!

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