SPORF Sport Las Vegas… Not just for Gamblers

Las Vegas… Not just for Gamblers

Las Vegas... Not just for Gamblers

Mention, Las Vegas and you’re likely to think of casinos, elaborate hotels and bizarre, themed weddings. You probably didn’t think of extreme sports. The number of different extreme sports in Las Vegas has exploded in recent years. Skateboarding, BMX biking, skydiving and rock climbing are amongst those available in the city and in the rugged landscape, nearby.  Las Vegas… not just for gamblers…

Las Vegas... Not just for Gamblers

There are many skate parks in the area for enthusiasts of the sport to enjoy. Some parks are even open to other sports like rollerblading and BMX biking. Some parks offer lessons to novice skateboarders to help students learn the sport effectively and in relative safety.

Las Vegas... Not just for Gamblers

Several companies offer a Red Rock Canyon bike tour that takes cyclists through one of the most beautiful locations in the United States. All of the equipment necessary for the trip like the bike, safety gear and water are normally provided. While the trails are very arduous, especially in the heat, the ride is exhilarating.

Rock climbing is also popular. Just thirty minutes from the insanity of the strip, with all of its overburdening society features, are rock climbing areas that are unimaginably beautiful. Climbers can experience simple nature hikes or rough-and-tumble climbs that are difficult for even experienced climbers.

If climbing in the heat of the desert is not for you, you might wish to try indoor rock climbing. There are several places in the city that offer rock walls. It’s a great way to try rock climbing before you move to the more challenging canyons, outside.

Las Vegas... Not just for Gamblers

Las Vegas adventure skydiving is among the most adrenaline-rich, adventure sports experiences you will find there. As you stand awaiting your jump you begin to appreciate the feeling of security and relative safety inside the plane. Outside the air rushes with incredible force and the earth is a blur of colours below. It seems inconceivable that you are about to leave the safety of the plane, to leap into a free fall as the ground rushes towards you, and then as the canopy opens, you drift serenely down. There is nothing on earth like the feeling of complete freedom skydiving provides.

Las Vegas... Not just for Gamblers

There are many companies in the city that offer lessons and one-day deals like tandem jumping. This gives people at all levels a chance to experience this extreme sport. If you don’t feel ready for the real thing, you can experience indoor skydiving with the help of one of several wind tunnels in the city.

Adventure sports of all persuasions have become a popular pastime for thrill seekers of all ages. An adrenaline junkie is no longer a crazy person with a death wish, he or she is your everyday adventurer and Las Vegas is a great place for such adventures.




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